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Bio: Our History
Factory was established in 2010 Feb.
In 2011, R&D department set up and develop more and more fashion hot sell product for our company.
In 2012, we get our brand logo shengqi and begin to take part in the fair to show our products and get CE for the 1st lot of product collection.
In 2014, we begin to supply goods to other countries by the name of trading company.
In 2016, DC motor with remote control has finished the development and get the new product’s certificate. At the same year, Foreign Trade department is set up and get the export right for international deal and the support from our government.
In 2017, Shengqi Motor Factory is found and begin to supply DC/AC motors. Usually, our DC motor sold with our remote control, which can show the best performance and save more energy.
Our Factory
We have 5 production line and dust free work shop. Daily output could be 7000 - 8,000set.
Currently, we have workers about 100, engineers are more than 5, sales and service over 10 people. Due to some procedure is proceed by machine, monthly output is over 2,000,000. We accept OEM, ODM with different payment term of LC,TT, western union, PayPal etc.
Our Product
Fan Lamp Remote Controller, Wireless Remote Controller, Infrared Remote Controller,ceiling fan DC motor with remote control system.
Product Application
LED Lights, fans, ceiling fan lights, machine or gates at home, showroom, living room, factory, passage
Our Certificate
CEs, Invention Patent, Utility Model Patents, Design Patents:

Production Equipment
Printing Machine, Reflow Soldering Machine, SMT Machine, Wave Soldering Machine
Production Market
Goods has been sold to the worldwide, such as in Asia, there‘re Singapore, Vietnam, Japan etc.; in America, there’re USA, Canada,Chile etc.,and Oceania Europe。
Our service
Before delivery, our goods are totally 100% inspected in different rage. And our QC department will record the defective everyday. All the goods are with tracking number label on the surface to clear the problem of which lot when problem occur after sale.
Any inquiry, you can send email, leave massage or phone to us to solve your question. Goods are warranty for 12 months. For quality problem caused by the factory, we will bear the freight for you to change a new one. Guangdong RF Switch Co.,Ltd
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