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اطلاعات انجمن fischa
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اطلاعات تماسِ fischa
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اطلاعات اضافی درباره‌ی fischa
Bio: 2.1 Audio Speaker
Output Power(RMS):20W+10W*2
Power supply:AC220-240V,50/60Hz
Speaker Size:4Inch+3 Inch*2
Frequency Response:40Hz-20KHz
S/N ratio: >78dB
Input Interface:3.5mm
Rated Impedance:4惟*2
Remote sensing distance: 5 meters
FM frequency scan range: 87.5MHz-108MHz
USB/SD device max memory size: 32GB
Loading Quantity: 1683 sets / 40HQ
1. Feature:
1. The built in bluetooth receiver allows you to wirelessly connect the system to your smart phone, computer or tablet in an instant. If you prefer a wired connection, this system has a built in audio amplifier with RCA audio outputs to connect your TV, gaming console, DVD player, PC or laptop, phone or tablet. A 3.5mm to RCA wire is included for your convenience.
2. At such a compact size you will be able to incorporate this item into any room you choose. Wherever you decide to place your new system, rest assured you will be transforming the space with high quality and bold sound.
3. Standing at 10" high, this compact, high definition speaker system packs a serious punch.It provides immersive audio you can not only hear, but also feel.
Supply ODM / OEM order.
100% of pass before shipping.
3. FAQ
Q: Can this work with any TV?
A: Any TV with RCA audio outputs.
Q: What are the price terms that your company can offer?
Q:What's the warranty of your speaker?
A:1 year.2.1 Channels Speakers
Sex: Undisclosed