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انتشار نسخه 2.0.6 فریمورک Yii
لحظاتی قبل نسخه 2.0.6 فریمورک Yii با این تغییرات منتشر شد:

نقل قول:
  • Bug #4763: Fixed display issue with overlapping call stack item on exception display page (cebe)
  • Bug #7305: Logging of Exception objects resulted in failure of the logger i.e. no logs being written (cebe)
  • Bug #7374: Use proper INSERT syntax with default values when no values are specified (nineinchnick)
  • Bug #7707: Client-side trim validator now passes the trimmed value to subsequent validators (nkovacs)
  • Bug #7764: yiihelpersArrayHelper::toArray() wasn't passing $recursive to Arrayable::toArray (brandonkelly)
  • Bug #8161: Fixed active form data-method submit bug when client validation is used (vbelogai)
  • Bug #8322: yiibehaviorsTimestampBehavior::touch() now throws an exception if owner is new record (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #8451: yiii18nFormatter did not allow negative unix timestamps as input for date formatting (cebe)
  • Bug #8483: Sequence name in Schema::getLastInsertId() was not properly quoted (nineinchnick)
  • Bug #8506: Cleaning of output buffer in Widget::run() conflicts with Pjax widget which did the cleanup itself (cebe, joester89)
  • Bug #8544: Fixed yiidbActiveRecord does not update attribute specified at optimisticLock() after save (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #8549: Fixed yiicachingFileCache doesn't lock cache files when reading (iworker)
  • Bug #8551: yiipgsqlQueryBuilder::batchInsert() may cause "undefined index" error (arkhamvm)
  • Bug #8585: Fixed yiihelpersHtml::activeTextarea() does not allow value overriding via options (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #8592: Fixed yiidbCommand::getRawSql() unable to parse params specified without colon (':') (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #8593: Fixed yiidbActiveQuery produces incorrect SQL for aggregations, when sql field is set (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #8595: Fixed yiirbacDbManager::checkAccessFromCache() to check against auth items loaded in cache recursively (achretien, qiangxue)
  • Bug #8606: Fixed yiiwebResponse::xSendFile() does not reset format (vyants)
  • Bug #8627: Fixed yiidbMigration produces incorrect results due to table schema caching (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #8661: Fixed yii.activeForm.js scrolling to top (nkovacs)
  • Bug #8684: Formatter ignored explicit decimal number settings when a default value is configured (leandrogehlen, cebe)
  • Bug #8772: ActiveQuery failed removing duplicate records after join when the resultset did not contain the pk values e.g. after grouping (cebe)
  • Bug #8844: Added a workaround for an oracle bug when fetching information about table constraints and filtering by CONSTRAINT_TYPE (nidgetgod)
  • Bug #8900: Fixed determining active menu item with url-alias in route yiiwidgetsMenu::isItemActive() (demi)
  • Bug #9006: Fixed bit column always returning true using certain version of PDO MySQL (stratoss, RusAlex, mj4444ru, samdark)
  • Bug #9046: Fixed problem with endless error loop when an error occurred after sending a stream or file download response to the user (cebe)
  • Bug #9059: Fixed PHP Notice in error handler view (dynasource, andrewnester, samdark)
  • Bug #9063: Workaround for MySQL losing table case when adding index (sebathi)
  • Bug #9076: Fixed yiifiltersPageCache not using the configured duration and dependency when caching the response data (kidol)
  • Bug #9091: UrlManager::createUrl() did not create correct url when defaults were used, internal cache is now skipped in certain situations (cebe)
  • Bug #9127, #9128: Fixed MSSQL QueryBuilder::renameColumn() and QueryBuilder::renameTable() escaping (sitawit)
  • Bug #9161: Fixed yiiwebRequest ignore queryParams when resolve request (zetamen)
  • Bug: Fixed string comparison in BaseActiveRecord::unlink() which may result in wrong comparison result for hash valued primary keys starting with 0e (cebe)
  • Bug: Pass correct action name to yiiconsoleController::options() when default action was requested (cebe)
  • Bug: Automatic garbage collection in yiicachingFileCache was not triggered (kidol)
  • Bug: Fixed missing stacktrace items on PHP syntax errors of "unexpected end of file" type (samdark)
  • Enh #3335: Implemented ColumnSchemaBuilder (pana1990, vaseninm, samdark, cebe)
  • Enh #5991: Added updateMessages() to yii.activeForm.js to support manually updating ActiveForm messages (nkovacs)
  • Enh #6043: Specification for 'class' and 'style' in array format added to yiihelpersHtml (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #6853: Console application will now register PHP constants for STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR itself if they are not defined (cebe)
  • Enh #7169: yiiwidgetsActiveField now uses corresponding methods for default parts rendering (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #7259: Added errorAttributes parameter to ActiveForm afterValidate event. Made scrolling to first error optional (nkovacs)
  • Enh #8070: yiiconsolecontrollersMessageController now sorts created messages, even if there is no new one, while saving to PHP file (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #8286: yiiconsolecontrollersMessageController improved allowing extraction of nested translator calls (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #8373: Check also post_max_size parameter in yiivalidatorsFileValidator::getSizeLimit() (maxxer)
  • Enh #8415: yiihelpersHtml allows correct rendering of conditional comments containing !IE (salaros, klimov-paul)
  • Enh #8444: Added yiiwidgetsLinkPager::$linkOptions to allow configuring HTML attributes of the a tags (zinzinday)
  • Enh #8486: Added support to automatically set the maxlength attribute for Html::activeTextArea() and Html::activePassword() (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #8566: Added support for 'only' and 'except' options for yiiwebAssetManager::publish() (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #8574: Added yiiconsolecontrollersMessageController support .pot file creation (pgaultier)
  • Enh #8625: Added markUnused option to yiiconsolecontrollersMessageController (marius7383)
  • Enh #8670: Added support for saving extra fields in session table for yiiwebDbSession (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #8671: Extracted yiihelpersHtml::escapeJsRegularExpression() method from yiivalidatorsRegularExpressionValidator (silverfire, klimov-paul, samdark, qiangxue)
  • Enh #8903: PostgreSQL QueryBuilder::createIndex() can now specify the index method to use (LAV45)
  • Enh #8933: Yii is now able to properly handle HHVM fatal errors (dieend, samdark)
  • Enh #9011: Allow yiiwidgetsMaskedInput to produce an input tag of a custom type (TriAnMan)
  • Enh #9038: Write warning to log in case FileCache fails to write into file (foccy)
  • Enh #9072: yiiwebErrorAction displays 404 error instead of blank page on direct access (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #9149: Print directory migrationPath in a yii migrate command error. (RusAlex)
  • Enh #9177: Added password hash cost setting to Security component (freezy-sk)
  • Enh #9239: Better handling of Json errors (grzegorzkurtyka, samdark)
  • Enh #9246: Added yiiwebUrlRule::getParamRules() (df2)
  • Enh #9249: Added hashCallback in yiiwebAssetManager to allow custom hash generation for asset directory (petrabarus)
  • Enh #9263: Avoid extra DB query in RBAC DbManager in case auth item name is empty (samdark)
  • Enh #9268: Improved display of boolean parameters in logged SQL queries (arkhamvm, samdark)
  • Enh: Improved Console helper progress bar ETA time estimation, updated only once per second to avoid flapping (cebe)
  • Chg #6354: ErrorHandler::logException() will now log the whole exception object instead of only its string representation (cebe)
  • Chg #8556: Extracted yiiwebUser::getAuthManager() method (samdark)
  • Chg #9181: yiihelpersBaseStringHelper::truncateHtml() is now using runtime directory for HTMLPurifier cache (webdevsega)

برای دانلود نسخه جدید یا ارتقاء پروژه، مطابق راهنمای این صفحه عمل کنید و اگه مشکلی بود، توی همین تاپیک بپرسین:
تشکر شده توسط: mehdi king , meysam1366
لطفا نحوه اپدیت صحیح رو بفرمایید.
چون من هم با composer update انجام دادم ولی نام فریمورک رو بار اول زد 2.0.7-dev بعد بک اپ رو برگردوندم دوباره زدم این بارهم شد 2.0.6-dev از خود سایت دانلود وفایل ها رو منتقل کردم کنترل وویوها و مادول ها رو ولی بازم زد 2.0.6-dev. درست آپدیت کردم ؟ و اینکه مفهوم این dev چیه؟ همون توسعه دهنده هستش؟
تشکر شده توسط:
نباید از نسخه dev استفاده کنید. باید حتماً از نسخه production استفاده کنید. توی مسیر پروژه این کد رو اجرا کنید:
php composer.phar require yiisoft/yii2 2.0.6

همین کار کافیه تا همه چیز درست بشه ولی اگه احیاناً نشد، یکبار توی مسیر پروژه دستور زیر رو هم اجرا کنید:
php composer.php update
تشکر شده توسط:
dev نسخه در حال توسعه است.
تشکر شده توسط:
بعداز زدن کد اولی این خطا رو داد:
C:xampphtdocsbasic>php composer.phar require yiisoft/yii2 2.0.6
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

 Problem 1
   - yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap 2.0.x-dev requires yiisoft/yii2 >=2.0.x-dev -> sati
sfiable by yiisoft/yii2[2.0.x-dev, dev-master].
   - yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap 2.0.x-dev requires yiisoft/yii2 >=2.0.x-dev -> sati
sfiable by yiisoft/yii2[2.0.x-dev, dev-master].
   - yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap 2.0.x-dev requires yiisoft/yii2 >=2.0.x-dev -> sati
sfiable by yiisoft/yii2[2.0.x-dev, dev-master].
   - Can only install one of: yiisoft/yii2[2.0.6, 2.0.x-dev].
   - Can only install one of: yiisoft/yii2[2.0.6, dev-master].
   - Can only install one of: yiisoft/yii2[dev-master, 2.0.6].
   - Can only install one of: yiisoft/yii2[2.0.x-dev, 2.0.6].
   - Can only install one of: yiisoft/yii2[2.0.6, 2.0.x-dev].
   - Can only install one of: yiisoft/yii2[2.0.6, dev-master].
   - Installation request for yiisoft/yii2 2.0.6 -> satisfiable by yiisoft/yii2
   - Installation request for yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap == 2.0.9999999.9999999-dev
-> satisfiable by yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap[2.0.x-dev].

Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json to its original content.
بعداز زدن کد دوم هم این خطار و داد:
C:xampphtdocsbasic>php composer.phar update
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
 - Removing fzaninotto/faker (dev-master 55e5560)
 - Installing fzaninotto/faker (dev-master 5015592)
   Cloning 5015592f93c764c48f440511f56a6c83ce744137
   Failed to download fzaninotto/faker from source: Failed to clone git@github.
com:fzaninotto/Faker.git, git was not found, check that it is installed and in y
our PATH env.

'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

   Now trying to download from dist
 - Installing fzaninotto/faker (dev-master 5015592)
   Downloading: 100%

Writing lock file
Generating autoload files

اینم متنی که بازدن متون فوق نوشت:


کلا نسخه ای رو اورد که اصلا وجود ندارد!!!
تشکر شده توسط:
مطابق راهنما عمل کنید:
php composer.phar global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:~1.0.0"
php composer.phar require yiisoft/yii2 2.0.6
php composer.phar update
تشکر شده توسط:

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